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Our Services
The star in the company logo with its five tips represents the main roles of the ASSIG team

ADVISE. To council our clients based on our experience on Government, NATO, EU and UN procurement processes, financial plans, technical requirements and proposals, tenders and bids.

FACILITATE. To promote our clients' goals and objective by assisting in the preparation of strategies designed to realise business objectives.

SUPPORT. To provide support to our clients in problem solving to achieve their goals and objectives.

CONSULT. To conduct studies and provide analytical expertise to Governments, NATO, EU, et al. on a broad range of defence and security issues.

IMPLEMENT. To provide support to implement our clients contractual obligations.

Products & Services
  • Business development;

  • Marketing support;

  • Teaming arrangements;

  • Defence program analysis;

  • Business opportunity identification and analysis;

  • International contracting process advice and support;

  • Bid and proposal support;

  • Red-teaming of proposal submissions;

  • Defence project management expertise;

  • Industrial Participation/Benefit Planning Support;

  • International procurement policies and regulations;

  • NATO, EU and UN procurement opportunities;

  • Special topic reports and analysis.

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